Available Programs

Just Us

Just Us is grounded in social justice principles and provides a space for middle school youth of color to build community, increase social justice awareness as they discuss history and current events, and support each other in dealing with the challenges they face.

Girl World

Girl World is a leadership development program for girls, femmes and non-binary/gender expansive youth of color. Program activities support participants as they cultivate self-esteem and self-advocacy, learn the power of teamwork, research, and promote awareness of social justice issues, particularly those affecting them. Through these activities, Girl World participants develop leadership skills, explore their college and career options, and learn about the importance of positive decisions and healthy relationships.

Peace Ambassadors

The Peace Ambassadors Program is a paid apprenticeship for young adults (17-24 years old) who have faced homelessness or are system involved. Participants learn to become professional Restorative Justice practitioners. This apprenticeship is designed to be the most intensive RJ training available in the city, with over 400 hours of training coupled with weekly real world practice facilitating programming in communities and schools.

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