Tabitha is a student from Amundsen High School who participated in Alternatives’ GreenCorp program which started last summer and continued through the school year.  We sat down with her at the end of the program to talk about her experiences with GreenCorp.

What did you learn during the GreenCorp program?

I learned a lot that came in handy like how to put a bike together and how to properly take care of plants.  I didn’t expect to learn about bikes, but I’m glad I did because it prepared me for when I got one.  I know things that I wouldn’t have known.

What was your most rewarding experience?

I thought that I wouldn’t make it because it was too much work, but when it was extended I actually wanted to sign up for more.  I surprised myself!

How did you come up on a possible summer job?

Over the summer Zippy (site supervisor) highly recommended me for the job when I asked about a placed call Bikes & Roses.  Zippy told them that I had done an amazing job and how proud of me she was.  Bikes & Roses and a fairly new place that’s run by youth, and I’ll possibly be in a leadership position.

What in particular have you learned about bikes?

I know how to break them down and rebuild them.  When I had a problem with my bike I knew what was wrong with it right away…in the past, I’d just throw the bike away because I thought they couldn’t be fixed. Now I know how to fix bike breaks, how to true wheels, and how to repair a gear shifter.

Did you learn anything about horticulture?

Yes, I learned about different plants and trees.  I used to be afraid to eat berries from trees because I thought they were poisonous, but now I pick berries off trees and eat them for snacks.

What advice would you give to new GreenCorp participants?

I would have to tell them to stick with it.  If you’re not used to heavy lifting it may be hard but keep trying, because it’s a good experience.


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